Upcoming International Visitor Leadership Program Projects

Every year, Global Ties Arizona hosts dozens of IVLP Projects and hundreds of International Visitors.  Contact us to learn how to engage with the visitors.  This list is updated regularly. 

The Hague Abduction Convention - A Project for India - May 10-15, 2019

This project will explore the following themes:

  • Examine child custody laws and social welfare advocacy for victims of domestic violence;
  • Understand the impact of child abduction on parents and families;
  • Explore U.S. family law cases and discuss protective services;
  • Learn about protective services, social, advocacy organizations and shelters;
Sustainable Cities - A Multi-Country Project - May 16-21, 2019

This project will explore the following themes:

  • Explore best practices in environmentally sound creative urban planning and the design and maintenance of infrastructure systems in urban areas;

  •  Examine the effect of natural and human‑made disasters on cities; and

  • Consider methods of collaboration among national and international specialists as a means of furthering the resiliency of cities.

Renewable Energy - A Project for Turkmenistan - May 16-22, 2019

This project will explore the following themes:

  • This program will give specialists from Turkmenistan a close look at alternative energy sources and the array of new and developing techniques for supplying energy.

  • Participants will examine the various policy incentives that support the expansion of the renewable energy sector.

  • They will visit renewable energy facilities and see communities that use only renewable sources.

  • They will talk with representatives of research institutes, as well as learn about specific incentives that encourage individuals to use renewable sources of energy.

Access to Justice in Rural Communities - A Project for India - June 7-12, 2019

The Department of State has outlined the following specific objectives for the project:

  • Understand best practices to prevent and address human rights violations against members of marginalized communities;
  • Explore building local capacity to document abuses and advocate for rule of law to protect the rights of victims;
  • Discuss advocacy strategies to reform discriminatory laws and policies and to develop improved legislative protections;
  • Plan public education campaigns to promote tolerance, inclusiveness, and/or awareness of minority communities and their contribution to society
Protecting Soft Targets from Terrorist Attacks - A Project for Algeria - June 15-19, 2019
The Department of State has outlined the following specific objectives for the project:
  • Introduce strategies used by federal government and local law enforcement agencies and industry experts to prevent terrorist attacks targeting public spaces, transportation hubs, and cultural venues
  • Share best practices and create relationships with professional counterparts
  • Examine methods for protecting vital infrastructure assets
  • Introduce advanced technology and equipment and their use as force multipliers
  • Promote domestic and international information-sharing mechanisms
New and Traditional Media - A Project for China - June 19-25, 2019

Objectives coming soon!

21st Century Changemakers: Be Best - Strategies for Combatting Cyber-Bullying- A Multi-Regional Project - June 20-25, 2019

This group will explore the following themes:

  • Examine the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy
  • Observe operational practices, standards, and social media institutions in the US
  • Discuss how to identify, prevent and respond to incidents of cyber bullying
  • Explore government and private sector efforts to promote positive online behavior
Cross-Border Trade - A Sub-Regional Project - June 26-29, 2019

This project will explore the following themes:  

  • Provide participants with an understanding of the domestic and international economic forces that influence State trade policy and the policy‑
  • making process
  • Examine state and local international trade and export promotion initiatives, and related innovative strategies for regional economic development
  • Provide insights into how American industries‑energy and the growing “green sector,” biotechnology, manufacturing, agri-business, e‑business and others; attempt to remain competitive in the world market
  • Discuss ways in which the World Trade Organization (WTO), NAFTA, the Asia‑Pacific
  • Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) and other regional trade agreements have affected Arizona business, economy, and trade relations.
Regulatory Approaches to Cybersecurity Risk - A Project for China - Dates TBD

This project will explore the following themes:

  • Focus on the underlying foundations of establishing a National CERT by observing U.S. policy and implementation
  • Examine the legal and policy framework for data protection and privacy in the United States at the Federal level
  • Explore current regulations and data management standards for protecting personal information in the commercial sector
Water Resource Management - A Project for Iraq - July 9-13, 2019
The Department of State has outlined the following specific objectives for the project:
  • Provide an overview of how the U.S. manages freshwater supplies for agriculture, energy production, and domestic and industrial uses
  • Explore U.S. efforts to protect the environment, with a focus on the quantity and quality of surface and groundwater supplies for a variety of competing uses locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Assess U.S. transboundary water management programs and discuss cooperative strategies to establish regional and global dialogues on shared resource conflicts and concerns
  • Explore perspectives for sustainability and remediation, and solutions for pollution and contamination of water through agricultural and aquaculture activities
  • Examine innovative financial, scientific, and technical strategies for assessing, monitoring, and conserving water resources.

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