For many of us, it is second nature to think globally.  We are increasingly interconnected around the globe, and civil society encourages peace and understanding for decades to come.  Global Ties Arizona’s core programs prove that.  Through participation with our professional exchanges and educational programs, Arizonans are thinking globally and acting locally to achieve great things.

Your membership at Global Ties Arizona assures that we can continue offer Citizen Diplomacy to all of Arizona.

Every Citizen Diplomat in Arizona plays a role in influencing how the world sees our United States.  Through your eyes the world sees us, and through their eyes we see the world.  These exchanges build relationships that lead to lasting peace and understanding. 

Citizen Diplomacy needs you to not only think globally, but to act locally.  Being a member at Global Ties Arizona means that you’re contributing to building a peaceful future for the world.  Join or renew today.  You choose the amount and frequency of your membership.  You can contribute any amount annually, or monthly. 

Visit our membership page and see some of the options for membership at Global Ties Arizona.

Become a Citizen Diplomat (Membership)

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